About Us

As an experienced boutique consulting firm for people-focused business development, we help our clients create a work environment where people can give their top performance with passion.

For four decades, we support business leaders and managers in their efforts to quickly and sustainably improve their organizations’ competitiveness and performance. Driven by our Community Approach, we advise our clients in the classic areas of business development: from strategy to organizational development, and from leadership development to customer and market strategies and operations. We work with our clients to develop new solutions and integrate them into day-to-day business by consistently focusing on the people. 

What makes us special is that we combine organizational and business knowledge with our ability to emphasize and engage with people and teams. For us, working for our clients means facilitating their collaboration and improving the effectiveness of the day-to-day business.

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Community Approach

Fields of consulting

We support our clients with their business development and transformation
processes in the following areas:

Strategic Management

We merge strategies with everyday conduct.

Organizational Development

We create the framework for a positive cooperation and teamwork.

Leadership & Coaching

We support and coach your managers as enabler for a successful transformation.

Business Development

We develop new business models and increase customer success.

Corporate Culture

We promote agile working and create
a new spirit.


As consultants of the Top-Management we work for large and medium-sized as well as mostly international enterprises and national subsidiaries. Amongst our clients are:


We have been supporting companies like Allianz, Microsoft or Merck in the implementation of change for 40 years. Always with a special focus on what counts most – the people.

  • Dr. Robert Becker

    Executive Partner

  • Marion Schreier

    Senior Consultant

  • Volker Glock

    Managing Partner

  • Annette Köhler

    Project Assistance

  • Ben Heigert

    Managing Director

  • Christoph Ryser

    Managing Partner

  • Hans Peter Erlemann

    Managing Director

  • Ilse Heigert Becker

    Executive Partner

  • Insa Rogalli

    Project Assistance

  • Karl Breuer

    Managing Partner

  • Nicole Jellinek

    Managing Partner

  • Nicole Leonhard

    Project Assistance

  • Volkert Abt

    Managing Partner